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January 19, 2012


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Thanks for the reminder. Must go charge cell phone!

Meg B

Whew, stay inside and bundled up and keep warm. Here's hoping your power stays on!

Mental P Mama

Hope you all are doing okay!! We'll make New Englanders out of you with this one!

shrink on the couch

fires in the hearth make winter time worth it. enjoy the snow.

Liz C.

Hell, we'll make Texans out of you after that snow. We've had more than Connecticut this year, LOL! Seriously, we're sick of snow but not bloody ready for 80 degree temps. So crazy! Why does it always have to be extremes? Couldn't we just have a few weeks of nice, windless, cool weather? Just once? I mean, when am I supposed to spray paint? Gah!

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