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September 13, 2011


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Mental P Mama

OK...Sick Puppy is one of his best!!! The Help is not as good as everyone says. Just sayin'....


Isn't that the truth - read more. I have just come away from a period of reading more / blogging less. I kept saying, "why did I stay away so long?"

My two cents from your pile of books:

Loving Frank A+
--blown away by the ending ... had NO idea

The Help A-
--appreciated the history, the point of view... but a little too schmaltzy of an ending, wrapped up too neatly


Looks like a good pile, I just took a screenshot of it and added it to my list of things to read.

The Incredible Woody

I say read The Tortilla Curtain first. Not because I know anything about the book but because I find the thought of curtains made from tortillas very funny!!


Oooh I love a good pile of books. All that reading just waiting to happen! Enjoy!

Jenn @ Juggling Life

The Tortilla Curtain is amazing--absolutely amazing.


I LOVE THAT. You put me to shame. :) I need to be better at reading...there's always so many more fun things to do! You'll have to do another post on your favorites from that pile!


It is really a tower of books. I also like to read books. Its my favourite hobby. I have a big collection of books. I think reading books increase your knowledge.

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I think it would be like this. Looks like a good pile, I just took a screenshot of it and added it to my list of things to read.

Liz C.

Oh. My. God. I've read all of those books. We are such twins when it comes to reading!

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