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July 12, 2011


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Oh my goodness! I think you're doing the right thing getting it out sooner than later. Yikes!


Sorry to hear. Sister in law had that happen, not fun. Look forward seeing you in a few days, I'll bring lily pics.


Forget worrying about a clean house for BFW. Just get yourself healthy and happy and geared up for the fun and festivities with your bloggy buddies! Good luck!

Mental P Mama

What is important is that you take care of yourself! Hugs!

Jenn @ Juggling Life

I DID miss that post. I have had one attack myself and you are so right about the excruciating pain. I was lucky that a change in diet took care of things.

I hope you bounce right back!

The Incredible Woody

Will be sending healing vibes your way!!


Oh boo sorry your gall bladder has got to go! Good luck with the surgery. I will be thinking healing thoughts for you!


Wow, what a bummer, here's hoping for a super speedy recovery.

Rachel---The Kooky Queen

Oh seriously girl, I know unfortunately, EXACTLY what you are feeling. I had my gall bladder out 4 years ago and STILL have these awful attacks for some strange reason. You are right, you feel like dying. I had an attack last month and I would rather birth 18 babies than go through that! I hope you get better soon!!!

Liz C.

Don't worry about us! I'll clean your house for you! I'm sorry you have to have surgery. That sucks. But, you'll be all good to go by the time we get there, right? What makes you think any of us care about a clean house? I just want you to heal quickly!

I have two molars on one side of my mouth that I'm not dealing with until I get back because they want to remove them and start the implants.


More important to take care of you .. all the Blisters are well aware of whose version of clean is whose .. and I am really sorry it didnt work out for me to get out there .. maybe next time! Take it easy and feel better soon!

phd in yogurtry

So sorry to hear of this. I hear gall bladder pain is horrible. What is it, exactly, with the gall bladder trouble as a result of weight loss? is the stone there all along, only making itself known when the body size shrinks? Protesting it's lack of comfy space? Or does the stone form as a result of the weight loss? Do tell!

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