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June 23, 2011


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Looks good. When did you plant the garlic? Garlic is a long haul thing. I planted mine in the fall and it will not be ready till mid July. There are hard neck garlic that matures faster than the other. Not sure what variety you planted. The stalk needs to be thick not skinny. And there are varieties that produce these curly cues out of the top of the garlic stock. These should be harvested when they start to curl around. Otherwise the growth will go into the stalk and not the bulb. Find someone around you who has grown garlic and have them take a look at it. I would say you have a ways to go like maybe November before you harvest your garlic. It is best to plant garlic in the fall.


Oh yea those garlic curly cues can be used. Saute them with some garlic and use in a pasta dish or with sautéed vegetables. Don't throw them out.

Liz C.

I concur w/ Reva, which is why I never did grow it in my veggie garden. I tried asparagus too, until I found out that it take 2-3 years until your first harvest. Screw that. I'm an immediate gratification kind of gal, LOL!

I really do miss having a garden but I don't miss the back pains...

But, you're doing great! Isn't it fun to just walk outside instead of driving to the store? It's the best!

The Incredible Woody

Wow! That lettuce looks fantastic!!


Yay love your garden. The lettuce looks delciious.

I made the mistake of attempting celery BEFORE I read how hard it is to grow it. Apparantly it's super needy, needs lot of nutrients and is very delicate so if it gets too hot or too cold it won't grow. Yikes.

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Wow ! I am really impressed by your excellent job. I see in the image that your garden condition was not so good but you done an excellent work and makes it beautiful.

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You have really guts to redevelope your garden. Its really looks amazing and wonderful. I like to planting plants which has beautiful flowers.

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