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June 21, 2011


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Connie Taylor

I'll be working on a lot of projects this summer as I move out of Renton and up to Birch Bay. My new little house has a ton of "potential". I'm not sure where to start.
Your new guest room looks great.

Liz C.

I love the first picture! It reminds me of my guest house/storage. The guest room looks very comfy & inviting. Can't wait to see it in person! And I love, love, love the armoire!

I'm now working on so many projects it would make your head spin. The biggest project is the guest house, which I can only tackle in the mornings because it gets up to 104-108 degrees by afternoon.


I am painting the upstairs portion of my house. Sorting through all my possessions in anticipation of a move to Southern California, just outside of San Diego. I am also gardening, mostly weeding. And I have a very big yard that I maintain. Your spare bedroom/office looks much like my spare room. But now it looks terrific. Good job.

Rachel---The Kooky Queen

SO awesome! What a beautiful hutch! We can barely keep up with mowing the lawn, lol!! But putting in a patio is our current project. :)


I'm calling that bed for my next visit! and I want the kitty too.

Clinton Harvin

Awww...too bad the office had to go. Any guest you'll have would surely have a blast staying with you because of that cozy bed you've set up. The would-be guest even has a cat for company! Hahahaha.

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