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May 05, 2011


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I need to get in that house for a birdseye view! I love other peoples clutter!


You could not have described a house that is LESS like you. I can't imagine you or handiman letting the house go like that.

The Incredible Woody

It is so sad to see people you love living in such a manner. Vol Fan's sister is much the same, only her piles of stuff are not neat piles of stuff. I have only been to her home twice in the 21 years that I have been married to Vol Fan. That was enough.

Liz C.

I have to say that I could see my daughter writing this a few more years down the road, if we don't get out of here. Frankly, it gets to the point you're totally overwhelmed, then can't get anything done. I. Am. There. And, I want out! This could be such a grand show home if Mr. Snoots would quit squeaking & spend some money to update (I have to oil him once a week to keep the squeaks down as it is). However, that's not going to happen in this lifetime. If we'd spend like $10,000 to $15,000 for updating, we could get so much more for our house. Sadly, the hubby doesn't get it & won't do it no matter what.

I'm beginning to think we should be on hoarders or perhaps a new show called Too Stingy To Keep Up Your House...


Sad realization for you. Odd how parents can raise children who are so very different. Although it may be the conditions and desire for something better (and cleaner) that led to you being so unlike your mother. I know that's the case with my mother and me — my mother who hoards and allows cats on counters, too.


Not that you asked or indicated you are trying to intervene, and not that it would help anyway, one day you might need to check out this link:

Somewhere there's a list of categories of the chronically disorganized / cluttered, where it gradually gets to the point of being dangerous. (An advanced stage, for example, is when animals start entering the house). Again, not that you can have any input (or want to) at this point, thought I'd share just the same.

On a different note, it's quite understandable, your lack of connection. There are a lot of drawbacks to our modern societal trend of relocating far from the hometown but there are just as many necessary-to-good-health reasons to do so. Sounds like you've got that familliar feeling of being glad you escaped.

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