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May 16, 2011


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The Incredible Woody

You are amazing! I think I would die...


I cannot even imagine. I am looking forward to just getting off prednisone in 4 days. After a month of it, my body will probably collapse. See you Thursday!

Great job by the way!


Whew that is impressive! Good for you! I could do it, but I think I would miss the white carbs way too much! Kick butt!

Mental P Mama

Good for you! I did a raw juice cleanse a while back and I loved it! What plan is this??


I'm so proud of you!! Keep up the good work.

phd in yogurtry

Key items to eat on the detox are radishes, beets, artichokes, aloe vera juice, lemons, garlic, ginger, Yogi detox tea, carrots, alfalfa sprouts and wheat grass.

I regularly eat lemons (lemonade fresh squeezed), garlic (lots and lots) carrots and sprouts. The other stuff? Never had. Interesting list of items. Can't wait to hear how things continue to progress.


Ya know, last year I was forced to go on what amounts to a lifetime Atkins diet because my blood sugar was all out of whack. The things I can eat are very much like the things you are eating now, and Im tellin ya, I have never felt better!

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