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May 17, 2011


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Ha! I love the "metal problems" fear. Kids hear things you never consider as an adult. So cute.

I don't think I've ever taken public transportation. Well, I did take the ferry while in the PNW years ago. Is that considered public transportation? Oh, I also took the trolley in San Francisco. Both were more tourist-y deals than a need to really get anywhere. Foot-power was the way to go when I was a child. That and the family station wagon.

Fun post!


I can't say that I saw strange stuff while taking the bus. I use to take it all the time with my sisters in San Jose. Got on the bus at Alameda and Heading and off in downtown SJ for hours of hanging out. I was about 7 or 8. No way would I have let my kids ride the bus by themselves when they were that age. But 50 years ago times were a little more sane. I like taking the train now if I have to take public transportation. We didn't ride with the bums but my mom fed them. Our house was marked since we lived so close to the train tracks in SJ. Always had some raggedy old guy knocking on the door asking for food and my mom never turned them away. She had a stack of dishes that she kept just for them and only they ate off of them. When I asked why she said "Never know what disease they have." So I grew up thinking all bums had disease. Great post.

The Incredible Woody

Being from a very small town, I have no experience with public transportation. I have ridden the Marta in Atlanta and that's it!

Mental P Mama

I cannot tell what I saw in 10 years on NYC public transportation. I'd get arrested.

phd in yogurtry

Strangest thing I ever saw disembarking public transportation - NYC subway, walked off the train to see a very large, perhaps 300 lb. woman standing absolutely still and stark naked. I was a newbie to NYC. It grew me up fast.

Jenn @ Juggling Life

The only time I ever rode a bus was as a small child when my grandmother would take us "downtown." To me a bus ride is intimately connected with lunch at the Woolworth's counter.

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