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April 12, 2011


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I don't blog but I could insert all those excuses into the reasons I don't garden, or write or anything. So keep blogging I enjoy reading your "nothing interesting or relevant", although I don't think it that way. You always give me food for thought. I always find your thoughts worth the peek.

Mental P Mama

LOL....Good post! I think you have company;)

The Incredible Woody

Good Lord, I have GOT to get my camera to the shop for a cleaning as well!!


No matter what you write, I find it interesting. And funny, as you crack me up, too, with the workout excuse.

I do get the draw of movies ... and editing photos, if only I could edit them as well as you. Or shoot them as well as you.

And glasses? Progressive lenses, by any chance? It took me forever to get used to mine!

Happy non-blogging, whatever the reason may be.


I feel ya. Sometimes Food Network just holds so much more appeal than blogging.

Jenn @ Juggling Life

I thought Love and Other Drugs was really good. You and hubs should go see Win Win--we saw it after I had breakfast with you and it was FANTASTIC.

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Liz C.

I guess it's safe to say that you & I are definitely on the same page. I only use blogging as an excuse to NOT exercise. Everything else seems to come before blogging. Except maybe housework...

You crack me up too!

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