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April 16, 2011


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Such different styles, different talents. Very cool.


I love Scotty and Lauren. I think they should do an album together. Scotty just makes me feel good when I hear him sing, and I don't even like country.


I have not been quite so interested in AI for a while. Every now and then I will tune into see what is going on, but I am kinda over it.
Glad you are blogging!

phd in yogurtry

I agree - so much talent this season. It's kind of freaky this year, all the contestants have so much poential. I think it's helped having that same guy, the behind the scenes guy, giving them consistent direction (rather than switching every week with some famous person). Really cultivating the kids' talents.

As for my favorites, I had hoped the top three would be Paul, Haley and Lauren. So I was really disappointed that Paul got kicked off. He should have stuck to ballads. Folksy acoustic guitar numbers. He really lost appeal when he danced around singing up-tempo.

I like Scotty when he sings traditional (Randy Travis style) country but not much beyond that. Casey is very talented but too unconventional to be a pop Idol. I love Haley's raspy bluesy singing and she's got sex appeal. I'm not a fan of jazz, just my individual preference, so I wish she'd stick to bluesy rock. So at this point, my favorite is Haley but I think Lauren has a real chance of taking it all. She's got a beautiful voice and is a good interpreter.

Fun season!

Mental P Mama

Have never watched that show. I think I'm the only person in this country who can say that!

Liz C.

I am so with you. I didn't like Haley until seeing this performance. She'd be an amazing jazz singer. Wow!

Scotty is just too cute & I love that low voice.

Outstanding talent this time around...

Jenn @ Juggling Life

Scotty is my fave and Lauren is my daughters. I was stunned that Stefano was not the one to go this week.

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