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March 04, 2011


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Tracey of These Nine Acres

Get better soon! I have been dealing with a back/hip issue since I slipped on the ice and it isn't getting better either. *sigh* Must be getting old. I don't recover like I used to.

The Incredible Woody

Oh no! Healing vibes on their way!

But take this bit of advice from someone that tried to take the least invasive (ie, cheaper) route in treating an injured joint...if it isn't better (like noticably better!) in a couple of weeks, push push push to have an MRI. That is the ONLY way to know what is really going on in there!

Mental P Mama



"Old age, old age, oh my how you suck ... the life and vitality right outta me."

No, it's not a song. It's just me saying that age does funky cuss we really don't want to deal with.

Either age or those bedtime gymnastics are getting the best of you, my friend!


Bah to bum knees! Hoping you're as right as rain soon! Feel better my friend!


Bummer, here's to a super quick recovery!

Rachel---The Kooky Queen

Sprained knee?! Didn't know that was possible! Sorry girl, hope it gets better soon!

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