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March 22, 2011


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Looks like a great start. I can't wait to visit and try some of your food.


I always have great plans for a garden then they never grow right. Or I never water right ... or prepare the soil right. Who knows? But last fall I did end up with one fantastic zucchini and one lovely pumpkin. A true accomplishment for me!

Mark Bleckmann

I have some seeds for "special plants" I will bring them over!


I garden, alot. I have grown everything from strawberries to tomatoes. Since we eat salad everyday I am concentrating on greens and tomatoes this year. I have the most success with my strawberries. Don't do much with them but weed them year to year. I planted garlic, lots of it, this past fall and am waiting for it mature. I think the easiest to grow was the beets. When I thinned them I used the small tiny ones in my salad. Gardening is a hit and a miss, just keep at it year to year. There is lots that can go wrong and lots that can go right. Just keep at it. Cover your tomatoes so they get lots of heat and you will have juicy fruit in the late summer. Good luck and may the bee gods be with you.


YAY! I just started gardening...well, we garden out of pots because we have a rental and can't tear up the yard. However, our green peppers and tomatoes were a hit last year! And so delicious.

The Incredible Woody

I miss my garden!! Definitely get starter plants for tomatoes. Our favorite green bean to grow was Early Contender Bush Bean. It grows in a bush rather than on runners that you have to run up a trellis and produces tender stringless beans!

You might want to rethink the pumpkin - pumpkin vines are HUGE and will take over your garden spot in no time...

Jenn @ Juggling Life

All I do is tomato and basil, but I'd love to do what you're doing!

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