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July 12, 2010


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Poor Scout! I'm glad it's relatively pain-free for the ol' guy. What a cool kid you got in SWS! I'm glad you explained the "straight edge" thing ... or quoted the 9-year-old ... because I'm apparently not too hip anymore and had no idea what that meant. :o) Good for your kiddo and his buddies.

Happy to see you posting and even happier to hear you had a great weekend! Take care!

The Incredible Woody

Poor Scout! My MIL's boxer blew his acl a couple of years ago. His surgery and recovery was really tough!

Jenn @ Juggling Life

We have been through the torn ACL with our beagle. The crate is definitely the way to go.

It sounds like a wonderful day!


Wow! Good post! Doesn't it make you proud when your son steps up and extends himself like that?
How does a canine recuperate?
Isn't Bastille Day tomorrow? After all, I did take two years of French in high school! Not that it would help me one minute in France.


oh no baby scout has a boo-boo! please kiss his head and tell him I miss him.
I love that the 9 Y/O had the best day of his life with SWS!!!


Poor Scout!! Good to hear that he isn't in pain, but what a bummer. As far as I know Grady hasn't yet committed murder or taken drugs so the straight edge thing is working!


Oh Poor Scout! Lona's sending lots of slobbery kisses! Glad he's not in any pain.

And good for your son. You sure did raise him right.


Sorry for Scout's injury - and the dent in your wallet. Ouch. Dog love doesn't come cheap.

Liz C.

Poor Scout! Give him some extra rubs for me.

Loved the story about the 9 year old. Truly precious. My kids were always like that with younger kids, which does a parents heart proud.

Rachel---The Kooky Queen

Ouch! Poor Scout! And your poor sun roof!!! Seriously, NO fun!!! All this bad mojo has gotta mean good things are coming really fast!

Mental P Mama

Poor Scout. And poor Scout's humans who have to take care of him. I never knew a dog could do that.

noble pig

That is so cute. I know when the older boys pay attention to my 8 year old, he is the happiest kid in the world. It makes them feel so special, more than anyone will ever know. Good for you son.

The Incredible Woody

Just a note to let you know that I miss you in the blogosphere!

Drink Driving

It was a marvelous Saturday on the beach at Anderson Island for you to celebrating Bastille Day. It is a good to celebrating anything with our friends.

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