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June 16, 2010


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Mental P Mama

Ugh. A tough one. But I think attendance is important. Part of being an adult is knowing your limits so you can honor all your commitments. Still, she does get the job done.... Now: how is the new gig?????


Wow, that is a tough one. I think a part of being a student is learning to balance activities with school. It's a great lesson for the future because as an adult we learn that "hey I can't stay out all night and still be bright and chipper for work" it just doen't work that way.
Sorry you're in such a pickle!

Liz C.

I had to go back and read the last few posts to catch up & so glad I did! Congrats on the new job!

About your daughter... Maybe she needs a checkup at the doctor's. Mr. Snoots actually had ulcers when he was a kid. I always had trouble getting the son up but SD always popped out of bed before I did. However, we never allowed them to stay out past 10:00 PM (on school nights) once they were in high school. They also had to come straight home from school & get their homework done, first thing.

Maybe something else is making her so tired, like not getting a good night's sleep. At any rate, I do hope you get to the bottom of it.


Yes, a dilema, but what can you do, resort to mandatory bedtime? Yeah, not gonna work for a teenager.

Just hope she schedules her college classes for the afternoon!

Jenn @ Juggling LIe

Danger Boy has no immune system whatsoever (possibly related to his Tourette's syndrome) and is always sick. If I don't let him take the sick day right off he'll be sick for a week. Plus, he suffers from insomnia There's no winning.

He is in the pool a lot, but he's also asleep by 10 every night.

I say that if you let the teachers know what's going on and she's making up work that should be good enough. I think most teachers are willing to be flexible.

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