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April 28, 2010


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3 random things about me:
Nickname I use online most often = glampers
I love to eat = burrito supremes with extra sour cream
Something I'm looking forward to = getting my picture book published (I signed with an NYC agent yesterday! Woo-hoo!!!)

The Incredible Woody

Three things about me:

Woody really is the nickname my hubs calls me.

I love to eat junk food.

I am looking forward to California!!


Names: Reva, Reeve, mom

lived: San Jose CA, Woodinville, Clinton WA

Worked: Intersil (silicon valley) Eddie Bauer, Inn At Langley

TV shows: House, reruns Boston Legal, anything BBC

Places I've been: Taos NM, Maui HI, Las Vegas

Regular Email: Gretchen (working on a benefit), tons of facebook, Tom

Food I love to eat: chips with lots of crunch, salad, cookies (homemade only)

looking forward: a vacation in NM, finishing a HUGE building project, being debt free

Mental P Mama

My nickname: Squazzy
My favorite food: pot roast and mashed potatoes
I'm looking forward to: Going to Spain in June!

Tracey of These Nine Acres

Things I love to eat:
green beans

You are one of those Dexter lovers, huh? Ach!

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