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April 01, 2010


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That stinks (literally?) about the garbage strike.

But that's great about the houses selling and you acing yesterday's tests.

Good luck with today's tests. And an even BIGGER good luck wish for tomorrow's interview! You go, girl!


Maybe it's because I live in a two adult household (why wouldn't they count pets?!?) but I thought the census thing was EASY. What's the big deal? Name, birthdate, race, sex. Done.

Good luck with the tests and the interview. Some money is better than no money.


Uh, honey? You happen to know someone who could get you Office 2007 for a smoking deal. Or even Office 2010 soon. LMK if you're interested. And most good luck on the interview tomorrow!

The Incredible Woody

I think its a good omen to be interviewing on Good Friday:) Only good things can happen!

Mental P Mama

All the very best tomorrow!!! And I hope the house sells soon;) I know how good that feels!


Woody has a good point!! Good luck today. And, yes I filled out my census..I got to be person #1 cuz its my name on the mortgage...

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