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April 09, 2010


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The Incredible Woody

I woke up in the middle of the night last night with you on my mind - wondering if you had heard about the job. {{{HUGS}}}

Mental P Mama

I think a weekend with nothing to do sounds like heaven! I am hoping the job that you want comes through;)


Tom Petty was right about the waiting.

I'm glad you don't have TB. :o)

I've found the best way around writer's block is to write your posts a day in advance and schedule them for posting. That way you can think and tweak and adjust -- and delete -- as necessary.

Enjoy your FREE weekend! I'll be raking 3 trillion pine needles from the back yard.


Thank goodness you don't have TB. 'Cause that would suck.

noble pig

Okay well there are some celebratory things in there!

Liz C.

Yes, I agree that you might need a weekend of nothing. I've had complete & total writers block, which I chose to blame on old age and allergies. Thankfully, I feel myself slowly coming back but still not back to my old self. What's up with that?

Good luck on the house thing. I'm still basically about 15 years (out of 24 in this house) worth of junk away from freedom. Some days just seem so futile, LOL!

The Girl from the Ghetto

At least you are getting interviews. Last time I had one was OCTOBER! Did it go well?


Well, I've never seen a crappy post from you--you're just too hard on yourself! Congrats on the house--hope it sells soon! And GOOD LUCK job hunting, you got a lot on your plate, girl!

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