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April 15, 2010


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The Incredible Woody

Bidding wars are AWESOME!! So are followups to interviews:)


Sounds like life is on the upswing for you. A little sunshine can do wonders.


Bidding wars in your favor are so wonderful! Sending good thoughts your way.


Thanks so much! Can use all the good thoughts we can get.

Liz C.

Ooooh! A bidding war is a very good thing!

Sounds like the job hunt might be going better than you thought.

I am sending out as much positive energy as I can spare!


I had to stop reading when Lost was mentioned and can't read the comments in case there are spoilers. I'm midway through season three. Yeah, I'm a late bloomer. But man oh man, I have a crush on Matthew Fox now -- something I *never* saw coming!

Good luck on the house. My dad is dealing with the same thing on his rental house. Ugh! Best wishes to ya!


YEEEEEEEEES!!! Lost is Amazing!!!!!!!!! I pass out from holding my breath as I wait for the next episode! I love it!!! And wahoo!!! Hope the follow up interview goes well!


Have never watched Lost. And once something is so hip and now, it's kind of intimidating to think about catching up. I clearly missed the boat! (har)

Good news on the house. Hope it makes the big money for you and S.

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