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April 06, 2010


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That community daycare job is so you! Did you see the job that posted on the non profit network last week? You'd be awesome at that!


Oh I will keep my fingers crossed for the second job! Good luck! And if it doesn't work out I'm sure there's an even better one out there!

The Incredible Woody

Fingers crossed!!


You are being incredibly successful in your job hunt! I know many folks who can't even get a darn interview. So good for you. And that second job is perfect for you! If you hear fluttering sounds outside your window it's all my happy thoughts arriving your way. Good luck!!

Mental P Mama

I really want you to get that floater job. What a wonderful opportunity to do so many different things! Keeping everything crossed!

Jenn @ Juggling Life

I think it is a great sign you are getting interviews--I have friends that have been looking for a while and are not even getting that.

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