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April 16, 2010


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Very cool -- and very thrifty! Great find!

I've not found any "treasures" of late. Too busy migrating my crap from the old desktop to the new laptop. I *think* I might be done with it today, then I just may go treasure hunting.

Liz C.

Great find!

I haven't really been out looking lately (it's no fun in pouring rain). But, my San Antonio friend was in town again (to go through her mother's things) and dropped a pair of Think! sandals ($155.00 a pair) on me for free. They fit like a glove and are adorable...

So, kind of the same thing.


An almost new, used very little Coach purse. I paid $15 for it and it is worth every penny. But atlast I cheat; I volunteer at our local thrift store that supports our local food bank as the shoe/purse lady. Those shoes you bought I would have priced them at $7.50. But hey $10 is a bargain and they are nice. I buy many of my shoes from the thrift store since I have first look at what comes in. I only buy the new or nearly new ones. That goes for purses. Love, love my Good Cheer here in Langley, best thrift store ever.

Tracey of These Nine Acres

No treasures lately...hopefully tomorrow at a yard sale I have my eye set on!

noble pig

I found Limoge China at Goodwill.

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