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April 07, 2010


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The Incredible Woody

I admit. I'm not a reality show fan. No American Idol. No Dancing with the Stars. No Biggest Loser. No Survivor. Give me a little Mad Men or Breaking Bad:)


Wow! I don't watch American Idol. Maybe I should ...

Mental P Mama

I have never seen it. I think I'm the last person in the country...well, besides those two up above me;)

Tracey of These Nine Acres

I don't watch the show but this performance was great!


I admit without reservations I am an Idol fan, have been for about 3 years. I agree that this guy lacks something, not sure what it is. I think he has the mechanics of a recording artist but he lacks an emotional connection. I thought last nights performance was better until he said he was just trying to feel "the jealous guy". At that point he announced to the world he lacked experience of the songs he was singing about. I think a real artist sings about his experiences, that is the emotional connect. He's great eye candy thought, sigh. I love Crystal Bowersox, I think she is the genuine thing, a little Bonnie Raitte and Janice rolled into one. My prediction is it will be her and the eye candy as the last two standing. The one I really liked the best was the blond from Denver that they let go of early on.

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