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March 04, 2010


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My dog Mickey goes to a far corner of our overgrown yard and eats something that is so enticing he ignores the call for dinner. Then he pukes it up in the dog room (their bedroom) each night.

BTW, my dad looks and acts just like Ron White. It's very disturbing to even watch his bits because he's too darn much like my dad!


One of my dogs, the little one, is obsessed by sticks, balls, squeaky toys, anything that you can throw and he can chase. If you don't notice him with the item in his mouth he'll bark, even with the thing in his mouth, until you bend down take it from him and throw it again, and again, and again until your arm falls off. I refuse to throw the stuff so he just puts it at my feet or on my lap and nudges it with his nose over and over again. Finally he gets the idea and leaves me alone. My husband on the other hand will toss, throw, roll, or bounce the stuff until the dog passes out from exhaustion. He even does it in the house, sometimes breaking my stuff. One day he tossed the ball for Benny and it hit my collection of Virgin Marys and broke my favorite one. I gasped as she laid on the floor in ruins. I calmly swept her up, with an occasional glare in his direction just to make him feel super guilty, and threw her away. Then I went into the other room and ignored him the rest of the evening. Later when I came back out he had glued her back together and put her back with the other virgins. Now when he starts to toss the ball for the barking dog I just glare at him and point to my alter and ask if he plans on breaking any more virgins. Him and the dog head outside to toss the ball. Now I don't know what is more annoying the dog baking or the husband tossing the ball inside the house. This tossing is one bad habit that I can't seem to break. Anyone know of a good husband trainer?


Haha, we have the bungee cord red neck lock. That's awesome!

Lo loves going into the bathroom garbages and bringing every bit of kleenex and toilet paper out into the living room. She doesn't chew them up or anything, just moves them from the waste basket to the living room. Is she building a nest? I don't know. She's weird. I've learned the hard way that she just doesn't do it with tissues. Lady stuff has to go in the kitchen garbage can or she will embarass me in front of house guests.

Mental P Mama

A dog is a permanent two-year-old. You cannot take your eyes off them. I would think Pabst Blue Ribbon might be a little more red-necky;)


haha! my fence is tied to the post with the ac/dc cord from a printer.


My dogs poop their innards out until I have to drop big money at the vet to get their colons plugged up. They also hog the blankets.

And our gates are padlocked so our creepy neighbors don't wander in and out of our yard.



Hahaha, thank goodness no dog here. All the dogs in OJland roam free in packs...I'm sure it would be a HUGE load of trouble!

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