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March 25, 2010


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Asthmagirl is looking forward to seeing you!

Do you think the job might be open because a: it doesn't pay well and b: perhaps it's not a great job?
Just playing devil's advocate. If you wanted it, I think they already showed they're interested in you!


That sounds awesome! I'm looking forward to doing that. Enjoy your visit with AG!


Thanks for the info!! I will try my best!


I participated in Earth Hour last year by playing board games by candlelight with some friends. It was fun.

I agree with AG on the job. That's pretty quick turnover ... or an impossibly long time for a position to be open. Next week's interview will leave you with a better idea of how to proceed. Good luck with that.

(I had to cover the screen when you mentioned Lost just in case there's a spoiler. I've JUST started watching the series ... and love it. Yeah, I'm a late bloomer in many ways!)

Mental P Mama

I am going to do Earth Hour. And now I want to go to AG's house...

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