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March 18, 2010


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The Incredible Woody

I really want to know what happened to cause the ceiling of the bathroom to need scrubbed - LOL


I forgot to email you back about doing your hair tonight. I thought I had but just checked and that's a no. I suck.


Your cat caught bunnies!?!? No way! Poor little Easter Bunny! How is he gonna get to my house if you're kitty keeps eating them? :)


Poor bunnies! I understand the Aunt Flo problem ... you wouldn't believe how many pregnancy tests I've gone through in the last two years, despite hubby having a vasectomy (I've heard "the snip" can grow back after many years, and it's been 24).

Robin from Israel

Ewww on the bunnies.

Yum on the chex mix. I adore it, but you can't get it here. Not even the cereal. It's one of my must have treats in the States though.

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