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March 19, 2010


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Wow. That's a lot of info, a lot of work. It seems that the most common way to get a job anymore is through people you know ... and people THEY know. I've been offered a couple jobs in the past few months, all because of people I know. My husband got his after his layoff because he knew someone at a place that was hiring (and contacted that person after seeing the company's ad in the paper). Maybe the secret is to expand your network through taking a class or volunteering. ??? It's so darn hard nowadays and I don't think any of the old rules apply. Keep your spirits up!!

The Incredible Woody

Wow, I truly never knew job hunting was so hard. I know that sounds really petty but it's honestly not meant to be. I've just never seen someone work as hard as you to find the right job. I am confident that you will reap what you sow!


I really hate this new way to find jobs. It boils down to you are just a piece of paper. No one talks to you, no one sees you face to face. It is truly disheartening.
Chin up!


Coming from the other end of the equation, when I was a recruiter, the cover letter was everything. I always took a brief look at everyone's resume, but the cover letter told me more about the person than the resume most of the time. The cover letter should tell a recruiter how you view yourself as an employee, what you bring to an organization and what you're looking for in a job. The resume is for what your have done, qualifications.

Mental P Mama

Ugh. I think your networking is what's going to pay off in the long run. But listen to AG about the cover really does sell you to a particular position. You are an inspiration!

noble pig

I agree about the cover, let it spill over about you!! It will get your foot in the door!!


wow...the stats say it all. Keeping my fingers crossed..;p


What a roller coaster! My hubby has a government job, he's a biology major so most of the jobs he applied for were in government. They are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO slow!!!!!!!!! We were unemployed 4 months because they were so slow. And what's funny, is 4 months is a GREAT time frame for getting a government job. Sad, huh? Good luck and my fingers are crossed for ya!

Robin from Israel

This all sounds so frustrating, I really feel for you.

Would in-home daycare be an option again? At least that way you'd control more of your own destiny.

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