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March 17, 2010


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That sounds like a fabulous treat! Makes me want a massage right now. Hmmmm....

I splurged a few years ago and got a mattress pad heating pad. Oh that is glorious, especially when I'm sick!

Mental P Mama

Now I want one of those puppies! So glad you got some relief!


Splurging tomorrow on the spa; sitting in the whirlpool tubs, heated rooms and getting a moisturizing treatment. A day with no work just conversation with a good friend and relaxation. As far as not sleeping what I found works for me is exercising and not consuming caffeine in any form after 3pm. When I can't sleep I start ticking off what I have eaten, or not done and at the top of the list are not exercising and caffeine after 3. Take a brisk walk away from the computer for 20 minutes it will clear the cobwebs and might help you sleep. There is nothing worse than no sleep.

The Incredible Woody

Glad you found some relief:)


Wow! Those look heavenly. I would love to treat myself to a more comfortable desk chair, but it needs to be oak and I've not found a reasonably priced one that I like. So I just sit crooked and uncomfortably while online. I do love my bed, though. The only thing I've really treated myself to lately is that I got a root beer float from A&W the other day. I LOVE root beer floats! :o)

noble pig

Oh that's great! Stress might also be a factor in having you all wound up. Comfort=chocolate for me.

Tracey of These Nine Acres

I will be headed out to purchase both of those. I already used me coupon though, dang it.

phd in yogurtry

Recent new mattress purchase. The $1800 memory foam (latex) we bought three years ago had a faulty box frame. So it wasn't long before back troubles re-emerged. Plus some neck,upper back, knee and hip pain. Much to my tight-wad chagrin, I bought another new mattress, this time a $450 memory foam. I am in bed-heaven. Wonderful. Pain is gone.


that sounds wonderful. I'm going to check it shouldn't get up in the morning in more pain than when you went to bed! Glad it helps..;p

The Girl from the Ghetto

I hear you about the laid-off thing and neck pain correlation - mine is killing me today and I was looking for work for hours today. I've been laid off since September.

Your pillow looks nice, but I had the contour one and it wasn't enough support, for me. I hope you do like yours.


Yes, yes, yes!!!! I have had a really, really bad neck for 15 years now (constant pain and popping) and always the worst pain was in the morning. UNTIL! I got the contoured temperpedic pillow! The memory foam and the arch for the neck, it's just a miracle!!! I cannot sleep without one and if I go somewhere and forget my pillow, I cry when I wake up because I remember how awful it is!!!

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