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March 22, 2010


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Woo-hoo for the job interview!! Good luck!

Yep, some of those are strange. :o) As far as the bathroom door, I'm the exact opposite: I always close it, usually even LOCK it, even when I'm alone in the house. You never know when a killer may break in and I certainly don't want to be caught -- literally -- with my pants down! :o)

Tracey of These Nine Acres

Oh dear, thank you! I usually don't accept blog awards and pass them on, but in this case I just may share 7 strange facts about myself too ;0) I do the same exact thing about peeing. Weird.

Woot for the job interview! Fingers crossed for you!


I don't measure much either, unless I'm baking. And you always close the door at my house!


Wow, I tend to do the bathroom thing, although I only leave it partially opened. And that's mostly because our cats like to push the door open and come in. If it's closed all the way they like to scratch at the door.


The Incredible Woody

Aw - thank you!

I do the bathroom thing too. Unless it's more than pee. Then I totally need my privacy:)

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