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March 26, 2010


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Mental P Mama

A great way to be!! So liberating. Now show us your hair!!


Her hair is fabulous! They will want to hire her just for the hair!

Seriously, she's too good for the job she's interviewing at next week. But it will be a feel good job. And they will be lucky to get her. She's all that!

The Incredible Woody

I'm glad I get to wear the same sort of things for my work 'uniform'. I don't know what I would do if I had to really dress for work!


I have four sisters and for many years we used to swap clothes (as adults, not kids). We'd all bring stuff we no longer wanted and swap it for something we did. Funny thing was that we'd often see "our" clothes recycled again and again, sometimes even choosing an old cast off as something new in a later year. We're all different sizes now, with very different tastes, so we don't do that anymore. Now my daughters pass along their old clothes to me -- I just got four pair of (Old Navy) jeans and two khaki pants from Megan during her recent visit!

Tracey of These Nine Acres

I too love thrift stores...for myself and my kids!

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