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February 10, 2010


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Meg B

That's very cool and very true. It's hard to stop waiting and realize stuff's going on while you're waiting for other stuff to happen.


That's a lovely poem, Tammy. It's bittersweet and squishes my heart in the sad spots.

I'm waiting to leave ... in the next five minutes ... for a meeting at the Literacy Center. After a month off, I start back to my PT job of site coordinator for the literacy center. That's bittersweet, too. :o)

Mental P Mama

Always waiting for something or another...aren't we? Funny animals we humans....


The waiting drove me mad, your finally here and I'm a mess.

Liz C.

Second try on this comment....

I love coming across old things I've written and I love yours.

You seriously do not want to see my list. It goes on forever...

Bill S.

How so very true - not happy with what is happening, but always waiting. One of my mottos - Live life do not just exist.

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