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February 11, 2010


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Mental P Mama

Will you come finish my tax stuff? I hope your phone rings! Today!


Congrats on 400! That's a pretty good number (for posts, at least!).

You're doing better than I am on the tax front. THAT is something I truly dread.

Good luck with the phone ringing. I live my life by the motto, "The key to patience is finding something to do in the meantime." I hope your phone rings soon, but also hope waiting for it doesn't drive you mad ... Mad ... MAD!!


400! WOW! I remember when you started!

I was looking for you at the pub last night!

I faxed your reference but it wouldn't go through (like 10x) so I mailed the hard copy.

Here's hoping the phone rings soon!

Tracey of Nine Acres

Happy 400th! I am sure you will be offered a job soon. Glad the kiddos are feeling better.

I wish we were having the warmest ever. I have some snow I can sell to Vancouver ;0)

Jenn @ Juggling Life

Congrats on hitting 400.

I'm sending you good job-hunting juju!


400 posts! Wow!! It will probably take me five years to do that at the rate I'm going now. I need some good blog fodder...have a good weekend.

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