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February 18, 2010


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Aww Honey... It is a process now days. I still think your epiphany was right and you need to pursue jobs that you would love to work at. Otherwise you cross the finish line and go "WTF? I didn't want this!"

Big hugs and smoochies!


That sucks ... big time. But things happen for a reason and I think the reason they're not interviewing you is because the RIGHT job awaits you; if you took this one, you'd miss out on what's meant to be. We're all rooting for you and can't wait for the day you post the "I just got the most wonderful job EVER" post! It's coming!

The Incredible Woody

Good Lord!! 1115 applicants - that is just insane!! {{{HUGS}}} I remain confident that the job meant for you is out there.

Tracey of These Nine Acres

That is the truth...the part about looking in the rear view mirror, but I still think you did the right thing...follow your heart.


I'm with the others...follow your heart. It will happen for you. Love that song, isn't it funny how there is always a song for the times of our lives? take care.

Robin from Israel

1,115?!! Holy crap...

I'm sorry this is becoming so frustrating for you. I hope the perfect job is right around the next corner.


Holy crap. That sucks! I'm sure your epiphany was not for nothing, that something will come of it and it will work out. You're in my thoughts!

Mental P Mama

1115??? Wow. I still think there is something good for you out there. And I would play those numbers... Hugs.

phd in yogurtry

Oh geeze, that sounds daunting. The multiple step process expected of job applications these days sounds flat out exhausting to me.

Lots of deep breaths and long walks and positive affirmations. And a bit of "pick ME, pick ME" vibe headed your way.


Ahhhh, that is so disheartening!!! And that many applicants??? How is that supposed to be encouraging, my goodness! I'm sorry it's so hard for you. My hubby went through 6 months of unemployment 1.5 years ago and it was HIDEOUS. My prayers are with ya!!! I hope something good comes around the corner! Hugs! :)

noble pig

Wow, that's incredible and a lot of applicants. It's funny because they are trying to paint a picture of a better economy but those numbers are huge. Maybe take the test for experience and who knows it could lead to something. Follow every lead.

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