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February 01, 2010


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Tracey of These Nine Acres

Ach! Sounds painful! I hope you get a high paying, rewarding job out of all of that!

phd in yogurtry

Bubble baths cure all ! Good luck with the job search. Is blogging listed as a talent?

Mental P Mama

Is there anything better than a wonderful family and a bubble bath? Hang in there!

The Incredible Woody

I'm with you on the scanner thing. I was using an old printer last week (as The Boss Man 'borrowed' my fancy-schancy new one) while trying to get W2s in the mail. Thing would NOT work to save my life. I finally went to Office Max for a new one - to save my sanity!!


Yeah! You rock, with your oh-so-accurate rants and your way-to-end-it raves!

Great post!


my cat pees on blankets left on the floor! does she think it is an open invitation to use it as an alternative litter box? good to know I am not alone.
keep job hunting!

Meg B

I hate when I can't shut my brain off. That's the worst. Here's hoping you get some sleep!

Good luck with the application process. I get that, it sucks. At least some companies are better than others. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for you!

noble pig

I know, don't you want to work for the company that has the cool app process cause' you just know everything else will be cool there as well...good luck!


nice hot relaxing bath can cure a lot of ills! Woke up with the cold too...ack! or maybe a-choo...

Liz C.

I tried to post a comment yesterday but it never would load so I'll try again today.

Sorry to hear you have a cold. Hope it doesn't last long.

The only time my cat has ever peed anywhere but her litter box, it turned out that she had a urinary infection & apparently that was her only way of letting me know...


New scanner... check!

Bad Cat! check!

That dude that owns a local football team... his foundation has a great application process too. Unfortunately, I haven't gotten any grants from it, but it's a great online app!

I interviewed an auctioneer the other day. You would LOVE her. Her business card rocks. Turns out she's close with a guy that does all the graphics work for a Certain Rock Band that you're a fan of... Just sayin'. Rumor has it that she can get us some limited edition art work for our next auction.

Now, get better and go get you an awesome job that you love!

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