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February 09, 2010


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Meg B

I love listening to conversations like that. That's brilliant, especially the bit about the theme songs.

And, Iliked the doritoes commericals, too. Especially the one with the dog and the No Bark collar.


What is this CSI you speak of?

(That convo was hilarious!)

Mental P Mama

The world is full of morons;)

Tracey of These Nine Acres

Too funny. Do you think we will be like that in oh, say, 30 years?

The Incredible Woody

That coincidence was amazing;)


Wow! Did The Who really write all those songs? (That's a joke! I've actually seen The Who in concert! Woo-Who!)

Crazy bats ... but at least they're wacky talk was blog fodder.

Good for you for going to Curves on a regular basis. I've been so bad that I don't even walk the dog lately. (Although that's because we now have TWO pit bull mixes and I'm not willing to take the chance of confronting a fox, deer or even another human then suffering the consequences when I try to hold back two maniacal pits. Well, that's a pretty good excuse anyway.)

phd in yogurtry

I was *going* to say that ear phones are the perfect antidote to unwanted clucking - but if your workout goes by faster when listening? We don't want to mess with THAT!

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