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February 05, 2010


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Hello Friend...

Please remember all that time I worked for GJ and the shock of being laid off. And then being a loaned exec and how po'd I got at state worker mentality (not giving it their all, and not including handyman!)...
... then I got offered the job I have now with the agency that's such a great fit for me because of K3...


*waving flag*

You're so smart! Do what you love! Contribute!


For most of us we accept positions that we know we will not enjoy, be bored with, or frustrated at the tactics of the corporate world. Most of us are externally motivated by others wanting us to take anything or the lure of a decent salary. What we don't do is listen to ourselves. The universe was listening and sent you a whisper in the form of an interviewer who was willing to be honest with you and tell you your worth. You are not crazy at all; what you are doing is listening and that's a good thing. When we follow our heart the universe will answer. (Loud clapping and cheering here on Whidbey for ya) I love it when we get it right.

Sandy Pettingill

Want to earn some money selling PartyLite while you're searching for the right job? You are not crazy, you stopped and listened and that is the opposite of crazy in this crazy, fast life we live in. Maybe we all have moments like yours but we don't take the time to listen to them. Thank you for your story and insight.

The Incredible Woody

Do what you love and love what you do!! Most poeple spend what too much time just toiling away after the mighty dollar and make themselves miserable in the process. I'm proud of you!!

Meg B

I think that is an amazing epiphany and good for you for realizing it before you accepted one of those other jobs. I will keep my fingers crossed you find the perfect job for you.


Woo-hoo! You are NOT crazy and I'm so proud of you for following your gut instinct. Do what you love, what you're most qualified for, what makes a difference for the world around you and puts a huge smile on your face and a warm fuzzy in your heart. Very, very cool for the guy to urge you to do what's right for you rather than try to convince you to work for him. Congrats on being his No. 1. Now onto finding that No. 1 job for you! Good luck!!

Robin from Israel

Wow, I am so impressed with and so PROUD of you! Good for you Tammy! Follow your heart.

Tracey of These Nine Acres

Follow the heart. Sometimes our brains catch up. Glad yours did.


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