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January 13, 2010


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great photos! Happy WW! :-)


I like the clouds in the edited shot.. but they both look really good.

noble pig

Funny, I've never hooked my camera up to the computer...only used a card reader!!


I actually like both shots, too. Great job on the editing and congrats on finally finding the time to mess with PS a bit.

I always hook up my camera to the computer, even though I always used a card reader while at the newspaper. (Note: I wasn't the photographer there, nor am I a pro or even semi-pro photographer by any means, as you've probably noticed on my blog!) Maybe I'll get a reader for here at home, just to be safe.

Liz C.

Huh? A card reader? I've never heard of this! This might be an entirely new phase for me. Thank you for the heads up. I'll Google it.

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