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January 27, 2010


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Woo-hoo! Congrats on the job interview. And good luck! That really is incredible to get an interview that soon after the layoff. You go, girl!

Yes, it's so true that there's far less time to kill when you're unemployed. I feel like I spend nearly every minute of every day trying to come up with ways to earn a little money, which cuts out time for reading, writing, practicing piano, and so on.

Good luck with the interview! Keep us posted!

The Incredible Woody

Hooray for hair color!! And congrats on the interview!!

Robin from Israel

Somehow I missed that you'd been laid off, I'm really sorry to hear it, but glad that you have a lot of promising sounding opportunities.


Job hunting really sucks. I have kinda given up, but look only occasionally. Keep up the search. I hope you find something very soon.


Happy your hair is once again fabulous! It was so good to see you. Any company would be lucky to get you. You won't be on the market long!

Mental P Mama

I am LOVING your attitude. Something great is coming your way....

Meg B

Good for you for finding the positive. And getting all those resumes out! Nice!

Jenn @ Juggling Life

I completely missed the layoff news and you're bouncing back admirably.

I wish you all kinds of luck in finding a great position.

Grace Olsson

Everything it will be ok for u...dont lose the HOPE.
THAT It´s my first time here and think so that u are a special person.
Do not forget that.
And very soon u will find it a second jog...wait and u will see it
havea nice day

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