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January 23, 2010


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You go with your employable self! No wallowing for you!


Well that just stinks .. I am sorry .. I also know you are one together woman and you are going to find something else soon ..xo


Geez, that sucks! I truly know where you're coming from (although I no longer loved my job when they booted my department out the door). It's interesting, though, how a layoff makes you reassess and redefine who you are. It'll be an exciting process for you. Good luck! (And if you ever want to vent -- whether it's wallowing, whining or whooping it up -- I'm here for ya!)

Great song. And yeah, Eddie is still hot! :o)


What a bummer. But thank god for Eddie, he can be the silver lining in an otherwise dark cloud. Wishes with luck blowing your way from the north.

Mental P Mama

It really stinks. Hoping you find another good place soon!

noble pig

I am so sorry, you will find something, something better.

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