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January 25, 2010


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Good positive post today in spite of the circumstances. Number one thing I'm grateful for is my health. Number two is that I have been asked to apply for a chef position at one of the top inns in America (jobs here on the island are scarce, so this is a good one). I talk to them today, and am keeping my fingers crossed. Number three that I live in a beautiful place that revives me daily, in spite of all the hard work to maintain it. Number four three great kids, 2 wonderful grand sons and one handy husband.

Meg B

Sounds like you had a busy time. Good for you for staying positive. Losing a couple of hours of sleep is completely understandable.

Thank goodness you've got some great friends for support! Makes all the difference in the world.


You've got a great attitude about the layoff and the new work to come!

Things I'm grateful for today: The time I got to spend with Bubby (and the fact I go home tonight and get to sleep in my own bed instead of on a futon); that my daughter and I have made up and are friends again (even tho we just agreed to disagree rather than her living her life the way *I* think she should); and that somehow, miraculously, there's still money in the coffers and we're doing okay!

The Incredible Woody

I had to update my resume for a job we were bidding and I just could not come up with anything that sounded professional. Do-er of everything isn't exactly something you put on a resume! Thankfully I had a friend that is a 'life coach' so he did it for me. I sound so awesome that I think I will ask for a raise:)

I am sure you will have your pick of jobs. I'll be thinking of you!!

Mental P Mama

You have the best attitude! Something great is coming your way. I can just feel it....


I would do anything for you!!

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