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January 04, 2010


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The Incredible Woody

Congrats to SWS!!

And people wonder where they went wrong with their children. Hello! Get involved in your child's life!!

Liz C.

Frankly, I feel better about our country's future already! What great kids and what a great son you have.

In our town, almost all the parents attend every school event, almost as if it were a social function. But, people here care far more about social functions than a kid's education. That always got me. Hooray for you all for going & being the only parents there!

I used to be a judge for the high school debates in drama and in economics and loved every minute of it. I might have to start doing that again.

I really enjoyed this post, Tammy. Thank you.

Mental P Mama

That is wonderful! SWS is going places!!

phd in yogurtry

Such great preparation. I don't think I did anything like this until I defended my thesis in graduate school (and later my dissertation). I like the topic very much. I'd like to see more kids / adults involved in this type of forward thinking discussion. And I agree. I wish more parents were there to support their kids. That no other parents were there is perplexing.

Tracey of These Nine Acres

Wow! No other parents?? What is wrong with that picture. That is why we have so many issues with today's youth. The parents check out way too soon. Bravo to him for his outstanding work and to you for being there.


Kudos to SWS and his partner. That's a pretty major issue to tackle -- and one many adults still don't have much of a handle on or understanding of.

Yeah, the whole parenting thing is weird. When my girls were in school, we made an effort to go to anything and everything, much like it sounds like you're doing with yours. Now, working for the children's literacy center, I'm appalled at the lack of participation on the part of the parents -- and then they wonder why their kids can't read well. It's a demographic of primarily low-income kids, but when I complained to my daughter about it -- and she's a teacher at a private RICH KID school -- she said she sees the very same thing with the kids from rich families, so it has nothing to do with income level. Sad, sad, sad. But YOU are doing the right thing -- and the success of your kids shows it!!

noble pig

That sucks that the parents did not attend. I'm sure they did wonderful!!! Happy New Year.

Jenn @ Juggling Life

What a great topic they chose.

Our school does this with a Senior Project. The panels all have at least one teacher, one parent, and one Junior. The school is full to bursting with parents--and it takes place during the school day.

You can really tell the well-prepared kids from the ones that throw it together--it is a valuable experience for sure.

Robin from Israel

What a great project, you must be really proud of them both. I'm really saddened though that none of the other parents were there to support their kids.

Dangerous Driving

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