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January 07, 2010


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Looks like it was a peaceful, pleasant and pleasing morning. I just last year stopped doing the Santa thing, except for stockings, which I still do. It was a little hard for my youngest to accept at 23 that Santa would no longer be coming. But I figure Santa always got all the props because his gifts were always the biggest ones, and it was about time for me to start getting the credit! :o)

Thank you for sharing pics of your happy family. Again, I can't get over how beautiful your daughter is -- even first thing in the morning!

Mental P Mama

I bet your house smelled AMAZING! Looks cozy;)

phd in yogurtry

Tweens and teens are a challenge but the later wake up call sure is nice. Who can forget the deathly tired feeling when your five year wakes you at 4:30am, "Is it Christmas yet?"

Meg B

I got my friend the same New Moon companion book. She's a Twihard fan, too. Love that Santa was able to be generous with your family this year. And I also appreciate the joy of stockings. That was my favorite part of christmas, too.

noble pig

Yeah my kids are up a 6 on Christmas...sleeping in would be great!

Tracey of These Nine Acres

We love the stockings too! I wonder why that is. My kids, 12 and 10 are still up before dawn. *sigh*

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