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December 10, 2009


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Yum, all those desserts sound so yummy!! Darnit, that I live so far away :(

I only have a couple of more gifts to buy. I'm actually ahead of the game this year (well, for me anyways) on my gift buying.

Have a great party :)

Mental P Mama

You put me to shame! I've done nothing. Nothing! I have scoliosis...and if I had the surgery, the doc said I would be 6 feet tall! Yikes. Luckily, I wore a brace which stopped it. I wish Dancing Friend a speedy return to dancing! And now? I think I need to get my holiday tush in gear!

phd in yogurtry

I don't know where you live, exactly, but I'm determined to find out by Saturday!

Speedy recovery wishes for DD's friend.


You are incredible! I am so darn far behind, I've given up on a few things (like Christmas cards ... I'm pretending I'm going green and not sending paper cards, when it's really just laziness and frazzled frenzies that have gotten the best of me).

I cannot believe you've made that many holiday goodies! You truly are incredible!

Enjoy the Open House!

Robin from Israel

Wow, send some of those cookies over this way, I'm starving!

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