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December 09, 2009


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Mental P Mama

WOW! I think you could donate it soon!


Please come over tomorrow so I can color your hair!

Liz C.

Yesterday we had the winds from Hell that caused a lot of damage, but at least the snow is gone. Love that you're donating your hair... I wish I had the patience.

Also, love your new digs!


Happy Birthday! And I love your hair!!!!!!!!!!!!


I love the plant photos! Beautiful!

Our corners of the world are very similar, even though mine's in the mountains and yours near the ocean (kinda, sorta, in a way). It's freezing here, too -- actually a NEGATIVE 17 when I drove my husband to work two hours ago. And, I was sick of my hair two weeks ago and had it chopped (as I get older I feel like I'm supposed to have short hair, not the long I've had all my life!). I'm not as charitable as you, though, as my hair went in the stylist's garbage instead of for a good cause. AND, on my to-do list for the day is to go pick up haircolor as I need a major touch up (and have always been too cheap to do it at a salon; Clairol is my friend!)

The only difference in our corners of the world is that over the weekend I took in my daughter's dog she got four months ago (against my advice, of course!) then decided to give it up as an apartment is not the place for a black lab/pit bull mix. So I'm dealing with a freakin' hyper dog who has "submissive peeing" issues and chews anything and everything in her path. Oh, and she's making my dog (a pointer/pit mix) and my live-in grand dog (a chihuahua/pomeranian mix) go ballistic as they're all stuck in the house because of the BELOW-FREEZING temps! So my corner of the world is not too pleasant this morning -- I hope yours is a bit more peaceful.

noble pig

I am freezing my butt off, 10 degrees this morning.


I had no idea your hair was so long! I hear you about the static electricity!

Jenn @ Juggling Life

I could never grow my hair that long--it just won't. I think donating it is an amazingly wonderful thing to do if you can.

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