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December 17, 2009


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I love the new look. It's so fresh and bouncy! And you can be proud of the healthy hair you were able to donate.


Holy Wow! You did it! You look marvelous, Dahling! Great job donating the locks! I'm glad we got the right shade on there before you donated them!!! Hugs!


What a chic new look! I love it! And someone somewhere will love the shiny healthy hair you've given up for them. You look great!


you look amazing!!!


Love the new look, and soon someone else will love their new look.

Meg B

Your hair looks FABULOUS! Seriously, you look younger and chicer and Fabulous with a capital F! I'm impressed. I like how your natural waves come out. Seriously, you may be feeling a bit tense and weird about it, but as soon as you get used to it you will see how drop dead this cut is. LOVE IT!

Mental P Mama

WOW! You look awesome! And such a beautiful bouquet of hair you gave!

Robin from Israel

Wow, what a change. You look terrific, short and sassy really suits you. I'm afraid to go short - my crazy partly wavy/partly curly/partly straight hair goes insane without some weight to hold it down.


I found you by way of JoJo. I just cut a good foot plus of my own hair. I got over the shock thinking on the purpose it would serve with locks of love. I'm still pissy over my hair but it takes about 8 weeks to settle down after a cut. Then I'll like it once again. You look younger with it short. Maybe i'll go even shorter with mine. :)


what an awesome thing to do, and you look fabulous to boot!

Jenn @ Juggling Life

It looks great--you have gorgeous hair. My thin, fine locks are green with envy.

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