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December 30, 2009


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Yay! I'm so glad you're back. I've missed stopping by your place in my blog-reading route!


Glad your computer is up and working. We just had the same problem but 2 laptops crashing in one week. We now are Apple folks...:)


OK, everything is working again. Your blog popped up on my blog list and yes, I know you are Tammy, not Shelly! Duh!!!


Missed reading your blog, glad you're up and running. Won't see you New Year's at the Shaw's we'll be at a Cake concert, so have a happy new year. By the way you have inspired me to attempt a blog this coming year, thanks for being an inspiration.

phd in yogurtry

Yay for your newly fortified mac. Computer troubles are so, well, troubling. Routers, virtual memory messages, spyware... argh! Here's to healthy computers in 2010!

The Incredible Woody

Glad you are back up and running. I've missed you!!

Tracey of Nine Acres

Missed ya! I am off to buy a Mac tomorrow. You are the first I have heard that had trouble with one!

Mental P Mama

I love my mac!

Jenn @ Juggling Life

I'm glad you'r back--we NEED our computers and internet connections these days, don't we?!

Happy 2010.

Jenn @ Juggling Life

That would be you're, not you'r!

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