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October 29, 2009


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The Incerdible Woody

That really sucks!!

Just mention your idea in passing. Then wait a few days and let him "think" of it himself!


I understand your frustration. We just got word that our request for load modification was denied because, get this, the mortgage company doesn't see the fact that both my husband and I are unemployed (both outsourced in the past year) is a reason for modifying our loan. They said if we were behind in payments, they could help us, but since we've made the payment so far, "unemployment doesn't justify changing the terms of your loan." Sheesh!

That's great you have other properties to help get you out of the bind. Good luck!


That's supposed to be LOAN modification (not load). :o)

Liz C.

I agree totally with Woody. It's always best to sprinkle the inklings of a good idea so that they think it was really their idea.

But, good luck...


Oh seriously!?!? What a bummer!!! 3% doesn't sound like a lot, but it is!! Hopefully things get a boost soon!

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