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October 27, 2009


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Our tech consultant asked me if we were ready. I assured him that flooding was expected only in King County. Many folks are putting servers and work stations off site so they can work remotely should it actually flood.

The Incredible Woody

Good Lord, that is a scary thought. But I guess the dam giving way is WAY scarier!


AT least you have been warned about the flooding and can take precautions.


I'm crossing my fingers for you all. Good luck!!


At least you are as prepared as you can be. And that's the best you can do. For your sake I hope it doesn't flood TOO badly.

Mental P Mama

Yikes. That sounds more than a little scary. Hope it doesn't get too bad.


What a scary thought! You'd think the government would keep up with these things when lives are at stake! Fingers crossed for you.


Let's hope the dam holds and your fears will be just thoughts.

Robin from Israel

That does sound stressful. It's hard to imagine the chaos of a flood in such a peaceful, bucolic looking place, but I know how fast that can change.

I hope it all turns out to be a very small molehill.

Liz C.

That picture is just stunning! Sorry to hear about all the stress, but I hope it all turns out well...


I wish they could give us more concrete information. Today I heard, on the news, at least six feet at Kent Station and a 1 in 2 chance of it happening. That is frightening for so many people and the stress it induces in more than I can comprehend. Best wishes for your safety...jj

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