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October 01, 2009


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The Incredible Woody

Damn raccoons!

Mental P Mama

&*&^%&*^%&* raccoons. GAH


My dad has declared war upon the raccoons. *graphic story follows.

He puts out raccoon cage traps because one of his neighbors on the island enjoys the occasional raccoon. (don't ask)
The first raccoon dad caught in the cage was rather "zesty". My dad was wondering how to pick the cage up because the critter was going nuts rocking the cage back and forth and growling. Dad had the cage set up on the curved cement bridge over his coy pond. The raccoon finally rocked the cage so much growling at dad that the cage fell in the pond. By the time dad went in the house and got his pond boots on... well... unfortunately, the raccoon did not survive the dunking. And the neighbor wouldn't take it because it was already demised.
The trials of living in the boonies....


I am heart broken, I loved those see them headless is horrible.

Jenn @ Juggling Life

Around here it is not raccoons, but skunks.

I hope your hubby wins.


Oh I love those pictures! They make my rather scatterbrained head feel much calmer. :)

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