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September 10, 2009


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I'm glad her first day went smooth! I can't believe all the geometery classes were full at DD's school.

The Incredible Woody

She gets to take photography? We never got to take cool classes like that when I was in school!!


Glad the day went well! Good luck to your daughter and her math dilemma. And glad, for your son's sanity, that he doesn't have to deal with his ex.

Mental P Mama

Phew! And I hope she stays in the Algebra 2 class, too.

noble pig

I was the yearbook editor for two years and on staff the other's so fun! Glad things are working out.

Robin from Israel

That is SO cool that she gets to take photography! I hope all three continue the great start they've had so far.

Liz C.

Wow! You've been a busy Mom. I remember the days. It seemed like I always spent the first three weeks getting schedules straightened out, buying uniforms for sports, running all over town to get the right supplies, etc. So, I know you must be like a tornado right now. Sounds like everything is working out though...

Jenn @ The Women's Colony

Ummm, no on the math class. The reason they put them in the order they do is because of intellectual development readiness. I would tell them that your kid is unwilling to be the guinea pig on this.

If they have to open a new section and reorganize than so be it.

Sorry--but I can't stand when a school puts the needs of an actual student (the whole reason for the school) last.

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