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August 26, 2009


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The Incredible Woody

What a fun group! And that Cuban stir fry looks delish!!


Tasty dinner .. what good times!

Mental P Mama

Yum City.


All of the food looks delicious! Glad you enjoyed your mojitos, they sure are tasty. And can't wait to see the recipe for mojito cake.


Love the pics, especially the ones of Tsavo and also the final one where everyone seems to be having their own conversation. Must do again soon, maybe another theme meal?

Jenn @ The Women's Colony

It looks fantastic--and like a really great time.

Robin from Israel

Yummy sounding dinner! My mom just e-mailed me a recipe for something called "Cuban hash" that they love (ground meat with seasonings, olives, raisins, and I forget what else).

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