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July 02, 2009


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Mental P Mama

Ridiculous. But do get it taken care of...infections in your mouth can lead to serious overall health problems. I just cannot believe unprofessional they are. Our medical system needs a dose of it's own medicine. gah. I am glad you are feeling better though;)

The Incredible Woody

Sucks! Big time!! Hope it doesn't ruin your weekend:)


Unbelievable... I think a 'regular' dentist should NOT do root canal or extractions ... I had a 'regular' dentist do a root canal and a year later it had to be redone because it wasnt done properly .. never main the discomfort .. the $$$ it cost pissed me off....

I am not sure you should take the more than ibuprofen, it reduces swelling/inflamation quite well .. and the antibiotic will clear any chance of infection ... tho if you can save the tooth its a smarter move then getting it pulled ...

Hope you do feel better soon!


I actually vote for a second opinion on tooth removal.
Yes, that's some of the worst dental care I've ever heard of, but I can't get past the "lets just pull it" Losing teeth is nothing to sneeze at.
And dental insurance... it blows... all of it. I used all my benefits getting the root canal, now I'd have to wait til January to finish fixing the tooth.

I hate dentists, and I'm sorry they're so incompetant at that office.


fell better and take it easy...i hate the dentist with a passion...

Jenna Schrock

I can imagine all the frustration that you felt that day. I hope you find a good dental service that won't play phone tag with you for a day. Also, I hope that your toothache has been relieved.

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